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Kitchen Or Bath

For the perfect kitchen or bath, nothing beats dealing directly with the fabricator.  At Maryville Top Shop, we fabricate everything in house at our local facility.  This allows us to develop a relationship with our customers and help to educate and guide them through the entire process.

Our team has the knowledge and experience our customers are looking for when it comes to decisions regarding selection of any countertop surface.  You can select from dekton, natural granite, manufactured quartz, classic marble, seamless solid surface, rustic wood, and the timeless laminate—all available at our Maryville, Tennessee, showroom.
Our Tops Selection


○ Granite
○ Laminate
○ Quartz
○ Solid Surfaces
○ Wood
○ Dekton
○ Soap Stone
○ Marble
Our Tops Selection


Below is a list of our available tops for you to come look at. Every slab has unique characteristics and coloring so we encourage you to make an appointment to come by and explore all your opinions.
○ New Caledonia
○ Santa Cecelia
○ Sao Luiz
○ Tan Brown
○ Vincenza
○ White Napoli
○ Atlantic White
○ Blue Smoke
○ Creme Pearl
○ Leathered Jaguar
○ New Venetian Gold
○ White Dallas
○ Giallo Napoli
○ Uba Tuba
○ Steel Gray
○ Absolute Black
○ Bianco Antico
○ Leathered Steel Gray
○ Lonesome Dove
○ Mountain Mist
○ Golden Crystal
○ White Ice
○ Astoria
○ Blue Flowers
○ Carolina Summer
○ Fantasy Brown
○ Leathered White Ice
○ Mascarello
○ Viscon white
○ White Paradise
○ Crescent Veil (Sensa)
○ Snowfall (Sensa)
○ River Blue
○ White Alaska
○ Azul Nuevo
○ Carrara Honed
○ Silver Cloud
○ Leathered Verde Aq (Sensa)
○ Astrus (Leathered Marble)
○ Typhoon Bordeaux
○ Alpine
○ Splendor White
○ Mont Blanc Marble
○ Grey Soapstone
○ Black Soapstone
○ Allure Quartzite
○ Macaubus Giotto

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